<Sound Dev> [13] Review Request: 8222438 Drop of outdated logging in the com.sun.media.sound package

Alex Menkov alexey.menkov at oracle.com
Wed Apr 24 17:47:55 UTC 2019

Hi Sergey,

The only note - in JavaSoundAudioClip.java there are no space after 
conditions "if (Printer.err)", like
if (Printer.err)e.printStackTrace();
Could you please fix this (no need for new webrev).


On 04/14/2019 20:14, Sergey Bylokhov wrote:
> Hello, Audio Guru.
> Please review the fix for JDK 13.
> Bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8222438
> Fix: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~serb/8222438/webrev.00
> The "com.sun.media.sound" package has special logging which is not used 
> by default, it is necessary to recompile the JDK to enable it. It is 
> rarely used(mostly unused for a long time) and just complicates the code.
> If some logging is needed to track some specific bug, then it is simpler 
> to add some ad-hoc logging instead of enabling the global logging for 
> all package. Moreover, all new code like Gervil does not use this logging.
> As a fix I suggest to drop "trace" and "debug" logging, but preserve 
> "err" logging, which is kind of "should never happen".
> Additionally, I have enabled "err" logging for the "internal" builds.

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