Implementation of changed bytecode representation

Werner Dietl wdietl at
Mon Dec 3 01:15:49 PST 2012

Please find a patch against the type-annotations/langtools repository
attached (I just pushed a recent merge with tl).
I implemented many of the recently discussed bytecode changes: reorder
elements, remove _COMPONENT TargetTypes, and introduce TypePathEntry.
It's not quite done yet: I still need to separate numbering of type
arguments and arrays/inner types, renumber inner types, and adapt the
referenceinfo test cases (which will be a big pain and I would prefer
doing this only once).

I would appreciate feedback on the changes to class, in particular how I
added TypePathEntry, TPEKind, and the new location field.
The whole package hierarchy compiles; packages
classfile and javap currently won't compile, as they depend on code
duplicated from TypeAnnotationPosition and I only want to copy that
code over once. The uses are however mostly adapted already.

All comments very welcome!
cu, WMD.

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