ElementType.TYPE_USE for a type parameter

Alex Buckley alex.buckley at oracle.com
Mon Dec 10 15:43:17 PST 2012

On 12/10/2012 3:36 PM, Werner Dietl wrote:
> I pushed a changed bytecode representation yesterday, but there are
> still some open issues with counting inner types.
> Do you have a cut-off date for what will get into this next binary build?

As I understand it: (Steve, please fill in)

1. We build internally on any day when there is a change in the 
type-annotations forest.

2. Publishing on java.net is triggered manually, but is not difficult.

At the worst, we can publish binaries built earlier today with your 
changed bytecode representation, and then publish new binaries later 
this week after you push the inner types work.


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