heads up: type annos issue

Bhavesh Patel bhavesh.x.patel at oracle.com
Fri Nov 30 14:49:54 PST 2012

Hi Werner,
           I am working on uploading the test pages with issues I have noticed with the annotations. I will send out an email later today with pointers to these test pages.


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Hi Jon, Bhavesh,

On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 11:17 AM, Jonathan Gibbons
<jonathan.gibbons at oracle.com> wrote:
> Yesterday, Bhavesh reported that while working on type annotations support
> for javadoc, he noted that when he put a type annotation on a wildcard bound
> (which may have been Object), it ended up on *all* instances of Object, and
> thus showed up throughout the javadoc for the class. We suspect this is due
> to the type annotation being stored in the wrong place. Bhavesh will be
> following up with detailed evidence, but in the meantime, have you seen
> anything like this?

No, I've not seen such behavior. If you could send a small example
program I can investigate.
We do have test cases that annotations on the wildcard and its bound
are stored correctly, for example see
typeAnnotations/referenceinfos/MethodParameters.java method
"methodParamAsWildcard()". That method has annotations on the wildcard
and the String bound and a later use of String does not seem to have
an extra annotation. But maybe the behavior is different for Object.

> Would it help to to have a type/symbol printer that pretty prints the
> type/symbol showing all annotations?  That way we can (a) take javadoc out
> of the loop here, (b) write test cases more easily/

Yes, having better testing support for this would be helpful. The
referenceinfos tests work from the classfile information, if I
remember correctly. Having tests that work directly on the attributed
AST would be good.

cu, WMD.


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