type paths for some annotated array references

Werner Dietl wdietl at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 16:10:50 PDT 2013

Hi Andy,

> I had another quick question, I'm trying to determine whether I need a type
> path in a certain situation.
> I compile two statements:
> Object o = new @A String[1];
> Object o = new String @A[1];
> with javac build 81 (or seemingly with the latest jsr308 lang tools, if I'm
> using them correctly), I get the same output attribute:
> 0: #15(): NEW, offset=8
> I think I expected the first one to have a type path:
> 0: #15(): NEW, offset=8, location=[ARRAY]

Thanks for noticing this mismatch!
I've fixed it:


If you're interested in the JSR 308 reference implementation, the
right mailing list is:


Comments about the spec should go to:


jsr308-discuss is for jsr308-langtools, which is an extension of the
official JSR 308 RI.

> ps. maybe the second byte of the type path entry for 'deeper in array' could
> indicate how much deeper into the array (similarly for deeper in nested
> type). Use two of them if going deeper than 255 levels in the array but if
> you have arrays that deep you probably have other problems :)  Not sure how
> much you care about saving a few bytes here and there...

This was discussed and rejected by the EG (unfortunately, as I also
proposed this):


Please do let us know if you come across anything else!

cu, WMD.


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