type annotations inside javac

Werner Dietl wdietl at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 11:39:09 PST 2013

>> I think it would be good to perform separateAnnotationsKinds earlier,
>> but I don't know what the best spot for this would be.
>> By performing the separation earlier, I hope that the AnnotatedType
>> gets propagated to more places and giving us a consistent view of the
>> types - regardless of whether the AST contained an AnnotatedTypeTree.
> When is separateAnnotationKinds called now?

It's called from

Names, Log, JCClassDecl)


Names, Log, JCClassDecl)

The first one is called from


and put on a queue in Annotate.

Is this the location you mean with "at the end of MemberEnter"?

cu, WMD.

> I would think that, for signatures, it needs to be called from the
> Annotate code that is executed at the end of MemberEnter.
> Obviously, for method bodies it cannot be called until later.
> -- Jon


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