"failures" tests don't necessarily test type annotations

Steve Sides steve.sides at oracle.com
Wed Feb 6 10:15:32 PST 2013

I (just now) noticed that many of the tests in typeAnnotations/failures 
use jdk7 target set and not TYPE_USE.

  * @test
  * @bug 6843077 8006775
  * @summary test type annotation on void generic methods
  * @author Mahmood Ali
  * @compile/fail VoidGenericMethod.java
class VoidGenericMethod {
   public <T> @A void method() { }

@interface A { }

For instance, the above from VoidGenericMethod.java says it tests "type 
annotation on void generic methods" but tests a regular annotation.
I'm guessing these tests were written for a build in which TYPE_USE (and 
TYPE_PARAMETER) were included in the default set(???).

@interface A { }

So these don't really test negative uses of  type annotations but 
regular uses.
Shouldn't these be corrected to use type annotations?


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