Alex Buckley alex.buckley at
Wed Feb 20 16:29:38 PST 2013


On 2/20/2013 4:24 PM, Joe Darcy wrote:
> As a stop-gap measure to get the build going, we can make the methods in
> AnnotatedConstruct be default methods, but once we know what API we
> want, we should have the jax-ws team implement those methods in this
> marker object and then revert the default methods to normal one. (As a
> matter of policy, we cannot use default methods in javax.lang.model
> since the API has to be runnable on Java SE 7/JDK 7. [1])

Who is responsible on the JAXWS team for delivering code into a jaxws 
repo? In which forest do they usually touch the jaxws repo?


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