changes for annotations in code attribute

Steve Sides steve.sides at
Mon Feb 25 17:26:37 PST 2013

Hi Werner,
  Here are changes for the typeAnnotations/classfile tests to look for 
annotations in the right place:
I have another test for anonymous and inner classes (the one that found 
the last few bugs) but it is a little different and not as easy to rework.
It's also sensitive to the AssertionError reported a little earlier today.
  CombinationsTargetTest2 also has some filtering due to some open bugs 
including the most recent AssertionError but reworking that test was 
more doable at the moment.

However, the changes enable all the tests include to pass. :)

I'd like to get the anon and inner class tests fixed as it might be a 
good test case for you ongoing and recent changes for type-annotations 


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