Implemented receiver parameters for constructors of nested types

Werner Dietl wdietl at
Wed Mar 20 11:50:30 PDT 2013


I've just pushed the implementation for receiver parameters for
constructors of nested types.
A few tests are in referenceinfos/ and I worked
through a few expected failures on the command-line.

Steve/SQE, please test this feature, in particular whether I'm
handling all error cases correctly.

Jon, I added a JCReceiverVariableDecl to handle variables with the
"Outer.Inner.this" parameter name, which wasn't previously possible.
Please have a look at this code. Do you see a nicer alternative?
Should we add a tree tag for this?

I updated javac.code.Printer to correctly output AnnotatedType. I
currently still output "@A java.lang.Object" instead of "java.lang. @A
Could somebody look at,
Locale) and suggest a way to split on package names?

I will next work on fixing the last bug reported by Steve.

Please do let me know if something is not working as you would expect.
cu, WMD.


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