Better encapsulation for AnnotatedType

Werner Dietl wdietl at
Sun Sep 15 00:53:06 PDT 2013

Jon, all,

as you suggested, I encapsulated the typeAnnotations and underlyingType
fields in

This actually made the code simpler in a few places.

There is one new failure:

However, I think the test case is wrong: it uses a "normal" annotation
processor and therefore runs too early. It should be changed to be a
"type annotation processor", i.e. it should run after FLOW.
I suggest we create a subclass/alternative to
JavacTestingAbstractProcessor and use that to test type annotations.

I'm not sure whether this had an effect on javadoc - if so, we should
revisit when the typeAnnotations queue is flushed.

Please review this changeset:

If this first step is OK, we can next introduce the TypeMetadata

Regarding SymbolMetadata, I find it a bit strange that the methods that
access SymbolMetadata in Symbol are still called "xxxAnnotations", e.g.
Should these also be renamed?

I have one more change that I just pushed:

I changed
to take the copied body instead of the original body.
Charlie Garrett discovered this problem after painful debugging of a
Checker Framework problem that depended on whether a label is present or
I cannot present a simple test case for the error, but the change
doesn't break any existing test cases.
Also note that this was the only "unused variable" warning in
TreeCopier. Warnings are useful.

All comments welcome,
cu, WMD.

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