redundant cast test failing

Steve Sides steve.sides at
Mon Sep 23 12:14:10 PDT 2013

Hi Werner,
I also noticed a recent change removed an '@A' from the expected output 
of the test
and the test now fails.

The test case in is

     void array() {
         int @A [] a = null;
         int[] a1 = (int[])a;     //this line is the one in question
         int[] a2 = (int @A [])a;

This casts 'int @A[]'a  to 'int[]'.  The expected was changed to: compiler.warn.redundant.cast: int[]

which removed the @A.  The warning text is more explicit than the 
diagnostic key and states,

Xlint:cast warning: [cast] redundant cast to int @A []
         int[] a1 = (int[])a;
1 warning

Was the change to the out file expected? I makes more sense, but was it 


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