Classfile format changes for more efficient processing

Srikanth S Adayapalam srikanth_sankaran at
Mon Oct 1 19:54:12 PDT 2012

> From: Michael Ernst <mernst at>
> Subject: Re: Classfile format changes for more efficient processing
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> Eric Bruneton suggests some classfile format changes that will make it
> efficient to process (e.g., read and write) class files.  See below for
> full message.  I plan to accept all of these suggestions.

Hello EG,

Two topics:

(1) There has been a flurry of mails about various proposals being
Is there a refresh of the spec planned anytime soon ? Even an informal
would be good enough for me.

(2) Could the spec leads coordinate with the lambda group so that TYPE_USE
is available as a target in the lambda branch ? At the moment it is not and
it is making life complicated for us alternating between 308 & 335 work.
my understanding this is the only change to JRE to support 308 - Is this
correct ? Are there any logistic issues in promoting this change alone to
335 branch that I am naively ignoring ?


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