Type annotations for non-Java languages?

Michael Ernst mernst at cs.washington.edu
Fri Sep 21 02:34:59 PDT 2012

Eric Bruneton suggested:

> currently Section 3 has some restrictions that are specific to the
> Java language, and I think it would be useful to remove them:
> - in Section 3.2, in the caption of Figure 1, I think "elements marked * will
>   never appear" should be removed, because non Java languages may allow these
>   constructs.

I have updated this text to:

  Enumeration elements marked * will never be generated from Java source
  code as of Java SE 8. However, they may appear in the class file.

> - in Section 3.3.10, nothing is said about invokedynamic. I think this should
>   be fixed.

This is a simple oversight (the text was written before invokedynamic
existed), and I have corrected it.

Expert Group, let me know if you have any concerns.

Eric, thanks for noticing these issues and making the suggestions!


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