more background to List<int> specializing List<Any>

Thomas W at
Sun Jan 4 05:36:53 UTC 2015

Hi Brian, Gavin, people,

Thanks for your comments on the idea of List<int> specializing from

My attention was drawn to the simpler of Gavin's proposals -- 'Any'
implements as Object, but can be specialized. (Second 'tagged union'
proposal I feel would be too complex.)

I know our focus in this current phase is on "Layers", but would like to
educate myself further about the general background of issues with Any. To
this end I have so far investigated the following videos & resources:

- Paul Phillips, Scala War Stories

- Brian Goetz - Stewardship: the Sobering Parts

Brian, I did want to research the JVMLS 2014 keynote you mentioned;  is
that you with John Rose "Evolving the JVM"?

- John Rose & Brian Goetz, Evolving the JVM

Let me know if this is the video you referred to, and if there were any
other good resources?

As an aside, I was very interested in the "Stewardship" video, and
appreciated the important perspectives Brian conveys & is responsible
for... I also got a little bit more insight into Brian's concern with

All the above videos very informative & recommended.

Thomas Whitmore

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