valhalla openjdk repository

Karen Kinnear karen.kinnear at
Mon May 15 22:05:04 UTC 2017

Please hold off making changes to the valhalla openjdk repository until further notice.
We are in the process of updating the parent to be based off of jdk10/hs to have the
latest changes.

When the repository is ready, I will let you know.

We are moving to a branch model, so that we will NOT be pushing changes to the
valhalla/valhalla repository.

Instead we will create branches underneath that for specific projects, including to start with
mvt (minimal value types) and
nest mates (JEP 181: nested class access controls)

Once those are created, give us time to push the merged code to mvt and then I will
notify you that the repository is open for business.


p.s. Note that we have saved the existing valhalla repository to
valhalla/valhalla9 and made it read-only

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