Review Request: JDK-8225462: [lworld] MethodHandle support of the static <init> factory method

Roger Riggs Roger.Riggs at
Mon Jun 10 15:27:01 UTC 2019

Hi Mandy,

On the renaming to ObjectConstructor, can it be more specific to 
reference object types (if that terminology is settled).
(inline class values are Objects too).
(I suppose it will be easy to do a global search/replace later).


117/121: Would the message be clearer as?

"object constructor must have return type void"

"inline class constructor must have return type " + 

Looks ok, Roger

On 06/07/2019 06:02 PM, Mandy Chung wrote:
> Hi Roger,
> This patch fixes a few issues in java.lang.invoke implementation when 
> accessing the static init factories. findStatic allows to find the 
> static init factory whereas findConstructor remains only finding the 
> object constructor.  This patch does some renaming w.r.t. object 
> constructor vs static init factory to make distinction clear.
> I ran into JDK-8225079 when I tried Constructor::newInstance with your 
> patch.   I currently uncomment the validation involved 
> Constructor::newInstance in StaticInitFactoryTest.
Harold has proposed a fix in comments for 8225079.
> Webrev:
> Mandy

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