Value equality (was: Value types questions and comments)

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Mon May 16 18:56:12 UTC 2016

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> Objet: Value equality (was: Value types questions and comments)
> Kevin say:
> > However, it would be very sad if it does not solve a second problem at
> > the same time, because it can. Even Java developers who are content
> > with the performance foibles of their existing "value-based classes"
> > are constantly irritated by the burden and bug-prone nature of
> > writing/maintaining such classes.
> >
> We have two choices in front of us regarding equality on value types:
> 1.  What does `==` on values do?  Choices include a bitwise comparison,
> a componentwise comparision (identical to bitwise unless there are float
> members), or invoking the `equals()` method.

another possible choice is to not allow == on value type (and on a T bound by any),
it makes the semantics far easier to understand, you can only use == on something which fit into a 32/64 bits,
in that case primitive types need to have an equals.


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