Draft JVMS changes for Nestmates

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at oracle.com
Wed Apr 19 14:12:54 UTC 2017

> Yep. Also, multiple classes can claim the same nest member class in 
> their NestMembers attributes. Not a problem as long as the 
> MemberOfNest attribute (if any) of the member class points to a host 
> class that claims it.

At the risk of bikeshedding, I find the names NestMembers and 
MemberOfNest confusing; I keep having to think about the directionality, 
since they sound so similar.  Would be good to find names that have 
obviously opposite directionality.

A not-very-good suggestion (but which illustrates the directionality 
thing I'm going for) would be "NestDeclaration" and "NestUse".  It's 
pretty clear which is which without thinking about it.

Perhaps: NestHost and NestMember ?

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