Nestmate same-package check

David Holmes david.holmes at
Thu Apr 20 03:30:15 UTC 2017

On 20/04/2017 12:46 PM, Brian Goetz wrote:
>> The way I visualize this is that each newly arrived class
>> checks in with its host.  If the name is on the list, it gets in.
> Right, and if it's not on the list?  Does it get assigned its own
> nest-of-one, or do we reject the class?  I would expect the former? (If
> you show up at a party and you're not on the invite list, you can still
> have your own party, just not here.)

View this not as "trying to sneak into a party with fraudulent 
credentials" but "trying to sneak into the secure defense establishment 
with fraudulent credentials". There is no "nice try, but on your way", 
you are injected with a lethal dose of IncompatibleClassChangeError and 
unceremoniously ejected.

This, as with a failed same-package check, seems the most reasonable 
course of action as the user obviously made in mistake in only partially 
recompiling their sources when the nesting structure changed.



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