ConstantDynamic JVMS comments

Karen Kinnear karen.kinnear at
Wed Jul 19 15:48:41 UTC 2017


Condy JVMS looks really good.

Could of small questions/comments:

1. 4.5 fields 
  in you have a much clearer description of the argument types
  could you either reference that or include the bullets here? (the syntax is not clear from the sentence structure)

2. instructions that can use condy
  The JVMS lists ldc/ldc_w
  I think you mentioned that a bootstrap method specifier could contain a condy CP reference

Are there other places these can appear today?

3. We need to discuss redefineclasses and BootstrapMethod Attributes
  - Lois and I think we may already have an issue here with indy and condy could just
    make this more common
  - we may want to enhance the redefineclasses documentation restrictions on attributes

The redefinition may change method bodies, the constant pool and attributes. The redefinition must not add, remove or rename fields or methods, change the signatures of methods, or change inheritance. These restrictions maybe be lifted in future versions. The class file bytes are not checked, verified and installed until after the transformations have been applied, if the resultant bytes are in error this method will throw an exception.


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