Integration of ASM 7 into the MVT

Remi Forax forax at
Sat Jun 24 13:27:19 UTC 2017

Hi all,
re-reading the spec,
i've remarked that it seems that the spec is a forked from the JVMS 8 and not JVMS 9.

I'm planning to create an alpha release of ASM 7 by forking ASM 6 that does already implement the JVMS 9 (from the Java Platform Module Spec),
i hope this is not an issue.

Thinking a little more about that, there is an issue with integrating ASM 7 into the valhalla repository, currently the code inside the JDK relies on ASM 5.1 and not ASM 6.
The difference between ASM 6 and ASM 5 is that in ASM 5, the attribute "Module" is seen as an unknown attribute so ASM ask the user code to provide a description of the attribute, in ASM 6, ASM recognizes the attribute "Module" and redirect all the info to a specific ModuleVisitor, so before to be able to use ASM 7 with the new v-opcodes inside the JDK, i think that the JDK sources has to be updated to use ASM 6 first.


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