Valhalla EG minutes 6/21/17

Paul Sandoz paul.sandoz at
Mon Jun 26 18:52:15 UTC 2017

> On 23 Jun 2017, at 13:33, Karen Kinnear <karen.kinnear at> wrote:

> VWithfield - propose for MVT - allow package private access - since there are no methods on the derived value class
>    and the value capable class can’t have any methods with vbytecodes since generated by javac
>    - plan to make private when we add factory methods to value classes with a compiler (and we have nest support)

I am unsure if it’s necessary for MVT purposes to dial back the accessibility then dial it up again later on.

ValueType.findWither can be used in conjunction with MethodHandle.privateLookupIn. It’s a little odd but works. What am i missing?


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