Valhalla EG minutes 6/21/17

Doug Lea dl at
Sun Jun 25 22:08:37 UTC 2017

I missed this meeting (out at PLDI/ISMM/ECOOP) but ...

On 06/23/2017 04:33 PM, Karen Kinnear wrote:
> Hotspot and IBM:
>   what could be available for early access  for early adopters to
> experiment with?
>   revisit early access timing - if we were to set expectations that
>      - model would be to deliver binaries and periodic binary updates to
> match the source builds. This is not a one shot delivery.
>      - limit functionality (platforms, reflection behavior unspecified,
> no JVMTI, …)
>      - performance improvements are not yet there, expect to come in
> incrementally
>      - maybe verifier isn’t ready?
>      - stability issues
> *Potential early adopters: Ian Graves? Doug Lea? Others?*
> *    So - would you be willing to start experimenting with minimal value
> types even with the restrictions above?*

Yes. This should be enough to try out some useful experiments.
At least if "not there yet" doesn't mean "dreadful" performance.
For example, trying out techniques for parallel sorting of values
seems possible, and is likely to be informative about other possible
concurrent/parallel library improvements.


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