Questions about value types, numerics, Valhalla progress.

David Holmes david.holmes at
Mon Apr 16 05:49:42 UTC 2018

Redirecting to valhalla-dev

On 16/04/2018 12:02 PM, A Z wrote:
> Is this the place to ask informal questions about progress
> and efforts within Valhalla?

No, as you've been informed before. Such questions belong on 
valhalla-dev. Please don't reply to valhalla-spec-observers.

> What gains in the area of value types have been made?
> Rill those acomplishments be included in Java 11?

See the valhalla-dev archives - there is a lot of activity with values 

Also see:

> What gains are being made in the area of enhancements
> for Java numerics, pertaining to the areas of
> type concordance, non-floating point arithmetic types,
> arithmetic operator, true arbitrary precision arithmetic,
> algebraic functions support?

None that I'm aware of.


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