Valhalla EG minutes Feb 14, 2018

Daniel Heidinga Daniel_Heidinga at
Wed Feb 28 16:49:37 UTC 2018

>All this is to say, what you are saying sounds like a difficultly
>with one
>or more implementations, and not with the logic of the spec. Am I

I haven't seen a rationale for the proposed spec change yet (maybe I 
missed it?) which only leaves implementation costs as a discussion point.  
Either the cost to bring the RI into compliance with the current spec or 
to update other implementations to bless the spec divergence.

If you can share rationale beyond "this is what Hotspot has chosen to do", 
then we can a spec discussion on that basis.


>— John
>> Adding static methods, private or not, is less problematic apart
>from interfaces due to the knock-on effects to iTables. 
>> We can live with the later (static) though we'd like to avoid the
>former (instance).

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