generic specialization design discussion

John Rose john.r.rose at
Tue Apr 9 21:06:19 UTC 2019

On Apr 9, 2019, at 1:41 PM, Daniel Heidinga <Daniel_Heidinga at> wrote:
> Riffing on the "inline" term and tying things back to the flattenable discussions - what about using "flat" as the keyword?

Not bad.  More riffing:
also has "spread out" and "level".

Etymologically, a single-layer structure is "simplex",
as opposed to a folded "complex" structure.  What's
a class without identity? A "mere", "simple" class.
has a bunch of synonyms.
has "open" and "lucid" and "transparent".
has "lightweight", "agile", "nimble", "loose", "sheer"

Regarding the ability to make the same object
in many places, "uncopyrighted".
suggests "repeatable", "replicant".

value class Foo { }
inline class Foo { }
flat class Foo { }
simple class Foo { }
simplex class Foo { }
spread class Foo { }
mere class Foo { }
lightweight class Foo { }
transparent class Foo { }
nimble class Foo { }
replicated class Foo { }

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