RefObject and ValObject

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Mon Apr 15 20:36:14 UTC 2019

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>> It's not a minor change, and all code that uses a type parameter that have
>> Object as bound will become ambiguous.

> I don’t think so. You can’t say

> new T()

> when T is bounded at Object (or anything, for that matter.).

> What ambiguity are you afraid of here?

1) any codes that has inference 
var list = List.of(new Foo(), new Bar()); 
will be inferred as List<RefObject> instead of List<Object>, so calling a method that takes a List<Object> will not compile anymore. 

2) any code that consider Object as special class may stop working, dynamic proxies that have a special case for Object, any code that reflect recursively on the hierarchy to find all the methods, any code that remove getClass() from the getter list, etc. 


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