RefObject and ValObject

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Mon Apr 15 21:17:14 UTC 2019

In the document on “Towards a plan for L10 / L20” I tried to answer these, but I got it slightly wrong.  I said:

   V <: V? <: ValObject <: Object

But really that should be 

   V <: V? <: ValObject? <: Object
   V <: ValObject <: Object

V <: V? by value set inclusion; V? is the type obtained by adjoining `null` to the value set of V.  

I am leaning towards saying that `RefObject?` and `Object?` are not sensible things to write, because they are equal to `RefObject` and `Object`.  (That’s separately from `T?`, which always makes sense, but sometimes just means “T”.). 

No flavor of Point is a subtype of any flavor of RefObject; ValObject and RefObject are disjoint.  

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> yes !
> all generics will suddenly accept value types.
> Yes, this is by design.  If you can’t have an ArrayList of Point, that would be terrible.  Of course, until we have specialization (later in the story), these will be erased, and restricted to the nullable projection.  
> Does it means that Point? is a subtype of RefObject ?
> Note: the second question mark in this sentence is because it's a question.
> Rémi

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