Nullable types and inference

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at
Fri Apr 26 13:44:33 UTC 2019

I’ve been looking over Chapter 18 (thanks Dan!) and it seems that we are almost there to defining inference to work properly for values and erased generics. 

There is already a _null type_, and we’ve defined it so that for every reference type R, Null <: R (JLS 4.10.). In order to make inference work for nullable values, we need to state that for a zero-default value type V:

    Null <! V
    Null <: V?

and that LUB(V, Null) = V?

When we gather constraints in 18.1, in addition to adding the upper bound on alpha, we also add in lower bounds Null <: alpha_i for erased type vars.  

We adjust 18.4 to not consider Null to be a proper lower bound for purposes of resolution.  

Simple example:

    Point p;
    var v = new Box<>(p);

We gather bounds alpha <: Object (from the declaration of Box<T>), Point <: alpha (from the argument), and Null <: alpha (T is an erased type var), yielding

    Null, Point <: alpha <: Object

By 18.4, alpha = LUB(Point, Null) = Point?.  

Obviously this is only one example, and there’s a bunch of work to thread this all the way through Ch18 (good luck Dan!), but it seems to me that the underpinnings are here already.  

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