Lifting operations from inline classes to reference projections

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at
Mon Dec 16 14:27:59 UTC 2019

> I'm not too worried about having a V.ref with its own members - after 
> all, V.ref should be a language fiction (for the VM, the only real 
> thing is V). So, in my mental model, it will be javac, not the VM, to 
> do most of the lifting here. Am I wrong in my assumption?

The VM team has expressed a preference that these members not be 
duplicated, so we're exploring alternatives.  One alternative that has 
been suggested is: if X is a reference projection of V, then 
`invokeinterface X.m()`, be adjusted to look for members on V. (Some 
adjustments would be made to the resolution for the case of private 
implementations, where the access check would be relaxed on the 
implementation _class_ but not the _member_.  This sidesteps the problem 
with the obvious solution (interface methods on V.ref) having to do with 
non-public methods.)

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