Superclasses for inline classes

Remi Forax forax at
Thu Dec 19 09:51:18 UTC 2019

It occurs to me that we may have jump into the conclusion that we should use inheritance/implementation a little to fast.
At least, i think it worth exploring another complementary option.

In Java, you have several ways to have subtyping,
saying a FooInline is a subclass FooInline.ref is one way,
but using wildcard is another one, if Foo<?> can be a template classes with Foo<inline bit> the inline.

It will not solve the retrofitting of java.lang.Number so it's a complementary approach but it can solve the retrofitting of java.lang.Integer in a better way than to use subclasses.

Let say java.lang.Integer is a template class, but not a template class over a type like a specialized generics are but a template class over the inline bit.
In that case java.lang.Integer can have two specializations, one is an indirect type, the result of new Integer(8), and one is an inline type the result of Integer.valueOf(8).

The nice properties of this organization are:
- object.getClass() will return Integer.class for both specializations (it's not the same species but it's the same class).
- java.lang.Integer can still be final (because final means no subclass but not no subtype).


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