Valhalla EG notes Jan 16, 2019

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Tue Jan 29 19:10:24 UTC 2019

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> Objet: Valhalla EG notes Jan 16, 2019

> Attendees: Remi, Tobi, Dan H, John, Brian, Simms, Fred, Karen
> Corrections welcome - thank you John for your summary notes
> AIs:
>  Remi - write up why if we retrofit arrays for Arrays 2.0 specializable
>  interface,
> do we need covariance?
>  All: find examples where existing code assumes Class.getSuperClass() is
>  java.lang.Object explicitly, or other pain points due to reparenting existing
>  subclasses of Object with RefObject
>  John: question about RefObject handling please?
> John: val x - new Object() assert x instanceof RefObject;
> ed. note - John - I don’t get the sentence above - I thought existing explicit
> java.lang.Objects
> would stay as supers of RefObject and ValObject, or did I miss context here?

Hi Karen,
currently the result of the expression "new Object()" is a reference type, so it should be a RefObject, but we have created an Object not a RefObject,
so it's at best weird. 


> thanks,
> Karen


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