lazy statics design notes

Maurizio Cimadamore maurizio.cimadamore at
Sun Mar 3 21:38:48 UTC 2019

On 02/03/2019 19:37, John Rose wrote:
> So, I want to defend my proposal a little more, not only by saying we'll pay
> a cost later if we don't reserve the value now, but also by noting that your
> point about "all sorts of behavioral incompatibilities" applies more evenly
> than you may think, to both proposals (reserve a value, vs. don't reserve).

Sorry, my point was never specific to your proposal - as it was in 
general to the idea of exposing lazy-ness as some sort of add-on 
modifier on existing modifiers (e.g. lazy-static). In most cases it 
makes things more lazy, and your app will run better (less startup 
etc.); in some cases there will be deal breaker that will be very hard 
to diagnose/debug, especially paired with the attitude Brian and Remi 
referred to in previous emails, where it seemed like we were leaning on 
people eagerness to get 'performance improvements' and start replacing 
all statics with lazy ones. I believe that's a dangerous and slippery 
road to go down to., especially for big and complex apps relying on even 
bigger frameworks.


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