IdentityObject and InlineObject

Elias N Vasylenko elias at
Sun Apr 12 18:51:17 UTC 2020

Then why not simply Identifiable?

   class String implements Identifiable

Has a decent ring to it.

On 12 April 2020 17:04:16 Brian Goetz <brian.goetz at> wrote:

>> Possible candidates:
>> - Identity, as in "class Foo implements Identity".  This says what it
>> means, though it is quite possible that it will clash with existing
>> types.  (This is not an absolute disqualifier, but it is a
>> consideration.)
>> - IdentityObject.  This is where we are now; it always felt a little
>> clunky to me.
>> - ObjectIdentity ("class Foo implements ObjectIdentity").  Better
>> than IdentityObject, less likely to clash than Identity.
>> - WithIdentity.  Not the best name, but less likely than Identity to
>> clash.
>> Others?
> Thinking on this for a few days ...
> I like "Identity" but it is sure to clash with every ORM and similar
> system out there.  I think I slightly prefer `ObjectIdentity` to
> `IdentityObject`, and both to `WithIdentity` and `HasIdentity`.
> Note that originally we were thinking that these types might be abstract
> classes; now that they are interfaces, this has slight consequences for
> the natural naming, as interfaces are often named for adjectives
> (Comparable) but abstract classes are almost always named for nouns.  We
> should evaluate these, in part, on how they sound in
>     class C implements I
> and,
>     class String implements ObjectIdentity
> more directly expresses the point -- that one of the behaviors of String
> is that it has an object identity -- than does:
>     class String implements IdentityObject
> It also puts the focus on the _identity_, rather than the object itself,
> which is consistent with breaking this behavior out of the root type and
> into a "mix in."

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