Source code analysis: calls to wrapper class constructors

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Wed Oct 28 20:02:51 UTC 2020

To summarize, 
it's possible to rewrite the NEW + DUP + INVOKESPECIAL sequence and it may also be possible to rewrite other sequence like NEW + STORE + LOAD + INVOKESPECIAL + LOAD or other combination by loading with LDC condy using a fake Integer and using an INVOKESTATIC with more parameter so there is no need to change the StackMapFrames. 

We may still have some bytecode shapes we don't support but it worth a try. 


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>> invokestatic Integer.$pop2$valueOf(Object,int)V

> That would be invokestatic Integer.$pop2$valueOf(String,int,String)V

> And the dummy object could be an Integer (using a condy) if we don’t
> want to edit the stack maps that might mention the Integer. They
> might be present if the integer expression contains control flow.

> So, invokestatic Integer.$pop2$valueOf(Integer,int,Integer)V

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