consolidated VM notes for primitive classes

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at
Wed Apr 28 20:31:17 UTC 2021

I've updated this document to subsume the translation details from 
source to classfile.  With the new single-file translation, this part, 
which used to be its own whole document, is now a small-ish (and mostly 
obvious) section at the end of the VM Model document.

On 4/21/2021 2:51 AM, John Rose wrote:
> Brian and I hammered out a document this week that
> captures what we think is emerging as our shared
> understanding of how adapt the JVM to support
> primitive classes.
> It is still white-hot, not even off the press, but I think
> it is worth looking it even in its unfinished state.
> <>
> That is the JVM side, only.  Most of it is already
> prototyped in HotSpot, some is not.
> I’ll let Brian speak for the valhalla-doc repository
> as a whole, but I wanted to get this out there for
> tomorrow’s meeting.
> — John

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