RFR: 8072379: Implement jdk.Version and jdk.OracleVersion

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Wed Nov 25 12:01:30 UTC 2015

On 25/11/2015 01:54, Iris Clark wrote:
> Hi.
> Please review the new classes jdk.Version and jdk.OracleVersion.  These are
> simple Java APIs to parse, validate, and compare version numbers.

Is jdk.OracleVersion really intended to be pushed to OpenJDK? Should it 
be final? There are few imports at the top that don't appear to be used.

jdk.Version looks good. Has there been any thought/suggestions yet on 
which module this API will move too?

I suspect the docs build will need to be looked at. The javadoc for 
jdk.Exported is currently generated in the javac tree javadoc for some 
reason (maybe because that annotation started out in the langtools repo).


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