RFR: 8072379: Implement jdk.Version and jdk.OracleVersion

Mandy Chung mandy.chung at oracle.com
Wed Nov 25 16:48:21 UTC 2015

> On Nov 24, 2015, at 5:54 PM, Iris Clark <iris.clark at oracle.com> wrote:
> Hi.
> Please review the new classes jdk.Version and jdk.OracleVersion.  These are
> simple Java APIs to parse, validate, and compare version numbers.
>  Webrev
>    http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~iris/verona/8072379/webrev.1/

This looks good to me.  Alan raises a good question whether jdk.OracleVersion is intended to be pushed to OpenJDK.

We will need to find a home for this jdk.* API since java.base only exports Java SE API per the design principles in JEP 200 The Modular JDK.  It’s fine to file an issue to follow up this.   W.r.t. the docs build, jdk is listed in top/make/common/NON_CORE_PKGS.gmk but there is no target in make/Javadoc.gmk building it.  You will also need to find a docs page to publish this new API as well (the current way is a page linked from the layer cake and this may be changed).


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