Build jigsaw ans jdk9 ea builds with '--with-version-patch=1'

Volker Simonis volker.simonis at
Wed Apr 6 08:55:20 UTC 2016


I would highly recommend to build the jigsaw andjdk9 ea builds with
'--with-version-patch=1'. This will result in a java.version of the
form "" and give people a chance to "really" test the new
Java versioning scheme. Otherwise they will only detect potential
problems with the first update version, which will be the first one to
have a more complex version number.

Currently, the Java version is simply "9" which is the short hand form
of "" and people are only testing their old code with this
simplified version number. But you don't see problems like for example
"8149519: Investigate implementation of java.specification.version"
[1] as long as we only use the simplified version scheme.



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