annoying web page auto-redirect

Jeff Dinkins Jeff.Dinkins at Sun.COM
Thu May 17 19:13:56 PDT 2007

> Is that redirect really necessary?

Yes, it's necessary - web content is now  
outdated, replaced by

Nearly all of the content on the old page should be at the new URL,  
but we could have missed a couple things (it was a hectic couple of  

I haven't yet looked at the page you're referring to, but I will  
tomorrow, and see who the original author was to see if it should be  
brought over.



p.s. that's a most excellent email address / domain name you have!

> Is that redirect really necessary?  The "What you will find here"
> section of the former page actually seemed useful, and is missing
> from the latter page.  I don't see any equivalent of that section
> elsewhere; maybe updated info could be put on the new page?
> Eric

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