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Tim Bell Tim.Bell at Sun.COM
Wed Apr 1 10:16:17 PDT 2009

Anthony Petrov wrote:
> The feed does not work with the Opera web-browser. I tested Opera 9.64 
> on both Linux and Windows: when clicking the RSS orange icon in the 
> address bar, the browser presents the .xml content of the feed as a 
> plain text instead of subscribing to the feed. I double checked, other 
> feeds - like from the - work correctly. Firefox 3, however, 
> reads the cr.openjdk feed correctly.
> I guess there's either a problem with the http-server settings so that 
> it reports an incorrect Content-Type: for the feed, or the generated 
> .xml for that feed is slightly invalid/non-quite-standards-conformant. 
> Could anyone take a look at the issue please?

Thank you for reporting the problem - and for providing the diagnosis!

This was caused by a configuration change I made in the web server on 
cr.ojn to tag most files as "text/plain"[1].  This works well for the 
large variety of file extensions presented in webrevs, but as you 
reported is wrong for the feed.  I guess Opera is checking the mimetype
rather than using the data at the top of the feed, which firefox seems 
to do.

I updated the configuration to tag the atom feed to be "text/xml".  I 
tested this using Opera on one of our Solaris/SPARC lab servers[2] and 
it seems to be OK.  Note that I had to exit the Opera browser and 
restart it before it noticed the change in mime type for that page.

Please let me know if it is not working for you.

Best regards-
Tim Bell

[2]Yes, they build a Solaris/SPARC version, and good for them!

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