The AND OR things in boolean chart in Bugzilla

Weijun Wang Weijun.Wang at Sun.COM
Sun Feb 8 18:38:34 PST 2009

Hi Bugzilla gurus

I'm trying to create a search to track all opened bugs either related to
me or unassigned security ones:

1  (Assignee contains me
2      || CC contains me
3      || (Product == security
4           && Assignee contains watch))  // unassigned yet
5   && (Status is not FIXAVAILABLE...)

I can create 1234 and 5 as two boolean charts, since it's an AND
relation. I can also create 1 and 2 into two OR lines inside a chart.
However, I have no idea how to implement 3 and 4 inside the chart. It
seems that when you add an AND line inside a chart, the new line is
AND'ed with all the lines before it, i.e.

   A OR
   B OR
   C [OR]    // [OR] is the button labeled OR
   D [OR]

means (A || B || C) && D, instead of A || B || (C && D).

I guess my understanding should be incorrect, since this behavior have
already been implemented with multiple charts. But I just cannot figured
out how to do it.

Currently, I have to create 3 boolean charts, with duplicated entries,
like this

  (Assignee contains me
      || CC contains me
      || Product == security))
   && (Status is not FIXAVAILABLE...)
   && NOT (Assignee NOT contains me
              && CC NOT contains me
              && Product == security
              && Assignee NOT contains watch)

Too Ugly.


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