Mark Reinhold mr at
Wed Feb 18 22:26:32 PST 2009

While drafting the new contribution process it occurred to me, again,
that most people outside of Sun won't know what "Bugtraq" is, though
people do generally know that Sun has a creaky, legacy, internal bug
database that's partly visible via

I think we can make things clearer if we change the resolution value
currently called "TRACKEDINBUGTRAQ" to "SUNBUG", and revise its
description as follows:

    The problem is a duplicate of an existing bug that is being tracked
    only in Sun's internal bug database at this time.  When resolving
    a bug in this manner please add the string "sunbug=1234567" to the
    whiteboard, replacing "1234567" with the actual seven-digit Sun
    bug id.

Make sense?

- Mark

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