Mark Reinhold mr at
Thu Feb 19 20:48:33 PST 2009

> Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 15:29:56 -0600
> From: bradford.wetmore at

> I can see your point.  I'm not liking "SUNBUG" a lot better, but absent
> anything better, we can use it.  I'm not tied to TRACKEDINBUGTRAQ, other
> than the fact that that's what the OpenSolaris folks were using and
> would make the bridge a little bit easier.

Actually, the OpenSolaris Bugzilla uses "TRACKEDINBUGSTER", which is
even more confusing since "Bugster" is the name of just one of the
Bugtraq client UIs rather than the database itself.  Whatever ...

> I did a bit of surgery on the description, but it's done and rolled out.


- Mark

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