OpenJDK Bugzilla server rollout

Brad Wetmore Bradford.Wetmore at Sun.COM
Sat Feb 21 12:42:29 PST 2009

> thank you for setting up the Bugzilla instance.

You're welcome.

 > I've just visited it
> and wondered that the product "sanbox" contains the two components
> "C1" and "C2" w

When I first set up the play area (sandbox), it passed through my mind 
that c1/c2 might be mistaken for the hotspot components.  I've renamed 
them to avoid the confusion.

 > while the product "hotspot" has no components.  Shouldn't
 > C1 and C2 be components of hotspot?

At this point, we're just accepting contributions, and decided to just 
make an initial category called other for that.  When we start using 
bugzilla to accept general bugs, we'll add those additional components 
such as c1/c2 for hotspot.  Soon, we'll be asking the various groups to 
start defining the components they'd like to use.

> Also the link on the "Component" label shows an explanation of the
> Products. A corresponding help page for Components would be however
> usefull as well.

Not sure I'm following.  Bringing up bug 100000:

has a link on the component label, which is:

That page has the info about the product and component:

This is a sandbox where you can file bogus bugs to learn
the Bugzilla interface.

Component 	Default Assignee 	Default QA Contact

component1 	watch-sandbox-component1 at 	
The first component of the sandbox product.

component2 	watch-sandbox-component2 at 	
The second component of the sandbox product.



> On 2/7/09, Brad Wetmore <Bradford.Wetmore at> wrote:
>>  As I posted on the discuss list earlier this week [1], I have set up an
>>  instance of Bugzilla for use by the various OpenJDK efforts.
>>  The system is now live.  Please see the project page at:
>>  for general notes, instructions, and the URL.
>>  I've made an initial pass at configuration with feedback from several
>>  folks, but I know we will continue tuning this system to best fit our
>> needs.
>>  The OpenJDK web group mailing list will be the best place for discussion:
>>     web-discuss at openjdk dot java dot net
>>  Just a reminder:  at this point, this instance is only for tracking
>>  contributions from those developers without push permissions.  It will
>>  soon expand to track most if not all of the OpenJDK bugs.  General bugs
>>  should continue to be filed through:
>>  On to the next stage(s).
>>  Thanks,
>>  Brad
>>  [1]

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