Submitted bugs go to Nirwana

Brad Wetmore bradford.wetmore at
Sun Jun 20 16:41:19 PDT 2010

In a private email, I suggested you might start directly with the 
hotspot group, as the bugs you describe apply to that group.

 > Yes, I SHOULD, but this doesn't happen in the last 3 months.

I'll check with Nelson and cc you as to why the bug submissions aren't 
generating the messages I would expect.

>> So when you start the discussion, ask about Incident XXXXXXX in
>> Incident Manager.
> Where to find Incident Manager? I'm afraid I don't understand this
> advice. :-(

That's our internal tool that we use to screen/process the external 
"bugparade" database before they're logged into our official "bugtraq" 
database.  What I was telling you is that when you start the 
conversation with the hotspot folks, please tell them that this issue 
you're talking about may not have a bugtraq number yet, but rather a 
Incident number since it may not have been filed into bugtraq.

>> >> screening the
>> >> initial submissions to make sure the submission is complete/valid
>> We were getting a lot of "The Javascript on on my
>> Internets doesn't work, what's wrong?" :)
> That's not the problem here.

Sorry, I should have left that comment out.  I was trying to explain why 
we have the screening mechanism in place.  We sometimes get very vague 
bug reports that don't have anything to do with Java or code we produce.


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