Mercurial 1.7+ Forest Extension vs subrepos

John Patrick nhoj.patrick at
Sun Nov 7 11:22:54 PST 2010

Today I thought I would try to build openjdk from source. Following the
guide it says to install Mercurial 0.9.4 or newer, and also install the
Forest Extension. The initial link for forest has a broken link for
download, and a email to the maintainer bounced with unknown domain. The
alternative link for a version post-1.0 release, does work, but the
extension fails on Mercurial 1.7.

I've supplied a patch to that version [] and hopefully the
openjdk documentation will work as currently document shortly.

Whilst trying to get the Forest Extension working, it appears the preferred
solution from Mercurial 1.7 onwards is to use subrepos which will be
maintained by mercurial instead of via a plugin.

So openjdk might need to switch to using subrepos and/or change the
documentation too.

I thought I'd let people know as I thought building from source might have
issues, but I never thought getting the source in the 1st place would be the
issue, which might put people off who want to help.

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