OpenJDK Bug Tracking Project Requirements, consolidated list

Georges Saab georges.saab at
Fri Apr 1 22:45:36 PDT 2011

If the requirements are met by both, the obvious choice is Jira, given that
it is written in Java.  :)

On 30 mar 2011, at 05.27, Dr Andrew John Hughes wrote:

> On 30 March 2011 05:28, Roger Lewis <roger.lewis at> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> What we want to start to do now is to map the requirements to candidate
>> systems; the two options we are looking at are Bugzilla[3] and JIRA[4]. We
>> are starting with these two as from our initial discussions they are the
>> most common choices for open source projects. From our analysis so far
>> either system would meet the majority of our needs but we would like to get
>> input from other projects that are using these systems, and will also be
>> talking over the next couple of week to consultants with experience setting
>> up these systems.
> If the requirements are met by both, then the obvious choice is
> Bugzilla, given you already have it setup on and
> it's Free Software.
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