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Roger Yeung roger.yeung at
Sun Apr 3 15:22:25 PDT 2011

  On 4/2/11 4:59 PM, Dr Andrew John Hughes wrote:
> On 02/04/2011, Georges Saab<georges.saab at>  wrote:
>> If the requirements are met by both, the obvious choice is Jira, given that
>> it is written in Java.  :)
> What relevance does that have?  Given it's proprietary software and
> being run on someone's else server, it could be written in
> hand-crafted assembly language for it all it matters.
JIRA can be deployed as a WAR file and run on other App Servers. I don't 
think there's a constraint to run on someone's else servers in order to 
> On the other hand, there's a Bugzilla instance already up and running,
> with users having already established accounts.
When mapping the features of the 2 systems to our requirements, I 
compared the latest versions (Bugzilla: 4.0, 4.1.1 and JIRA 4.3). The 
Bugzilla instance that we have is old (3.2.9); therefore, it does not 
have all features we need [1]. There are a lot of new enhancements in 
the WebServices and hook area since Bugzilla 4.0 which are listed in our 
requirements. I'd imagine if we choose Bugzilla, we won't be using the 
same instance that is running. Therefore, reusing the same instances 
isn't a big incentive from my perspective.

> It is Free Software
> and apparently fulfils all the technical requirements.  So just get on
> with making it useful already.

Just a reference: the Lucene project on ASF uses JIRA also[2].


Roger Y.

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